eDady; Changing the way shopping is done
Forget the traditional concept of shopping where a purchase could only get you a product at the end of a deal and that’s it. Welcome to a world where shopping will not only get you fabulous products, but also a chance to make a fortune at the cost of nothing but your purchase. Welcome to eDady.

With tailor made compensation plans, high earning rate and extremely flexible structure, eDady can make you happy right from your living room. Shop for amazing products without leaving your couch and even better than that, earn handsomely from the comfort of your home. Let’s find out how this awesome system works.  

eDady is a system that has been envisioned and refined by some of the most prolific pioneers of network marketing. After years of research, field work and experience, eDady not only represents a lucrative plan, but is considered by many the true essence of network marketing, MLM and direct selling.

The material provided is informative purpose only. eDady management has the right to make amendments in the terms and conditions of the eDady system and all the elements related to it on any given time and the information here is nothing but a brief tour inside eDady’s core functionality.

eDady Life cycle

Every system, may it be eDady’s network marketing plans to the functional governments have lifecycles which are born out of a number of steps. A system completes a cycle of its function or purpose once all these steps are progressively followed. Similar to this principle, eDady also has set of functional steps followings which can be rewarding to the ambassador.


7 Steps of Success


about us


Where did you hear about eDady?

As one of the leading companies in the field of network marketing; eDady’s functions are dependent on the human network and it is because of this network of connection, new people become a part of eDady’s family.

So to be a part of eDady, you don’t always have to find eDady; it finds you. With massive and extremely active community, eDady can reach you though a referral or you yourself can find eDady through the other most popular network: internet. eDady has a large number of followers on the most popular of all social networks and is among one of the most visited sites as claimed by Alexa.com. Not only that, but eDady also enjoys a very sound reputation for being a verified and completely secure website; a claim that has been validated by DigiCert. eDady also is respected among the business circles of the world for being a legitimate business and trading company licensed by Dubai Economic Department, Government of Dubai, UAE. Whichever way you heard about us, do know that to become a part of eDady, you need a referral first.




Who's bringing you in?

Being a network marketing company, eDady as mentioned earlier runs on the sheer power of human connection. Let say you have already heard about eDady from any source; how would you benefit from its amazing source and subsequent benefits? This is where referrals come in. A referral is an existing eDady ambassador that guides you through the process of understanding the eDady system, making a purchase and becoming an ambassador afterwards. The referral later on usually acts as the newly signed up ambassadors mentor and the relation goes a long long way. Without a referral, you unfortunately cannot enjoy the services, products and benefits if eDady.





Start Shopping


Shop like you have never shopped before

Now that you are familiar with eDady , jump in to one of the most coolest online store and browse through our selection of awesome products. From exclusive designer made jewelries and accessories to power packed scalar pendants and wrist bands in order to fill you up with energy, from high quality spa like products of self care to look and feel better to sneaky and silent VPN connections; eDady has something for everyone. eDady’s products are unique, made out of high quality materials and are meant for one purpose only; to make our customers happy.

Once you have decided what to buy from eDady (which can be tough because of so many awesome choices), just pay up either using the funds from the one who referred you or simply use your PayPal or PayZa account to checkout. Once you have placed your order, you are given a choice to become an eDady ambassador by authorizing your purchase. Meanwhile your purchased product gets processed at our logistic facility and gets delivered to you swiftly through some of the best courier companies in the world.



See what amazing benefits has eDady in store for you.

Authorization is a process where a customer validates his credentials in order to join eDady community and start earning. Once the customer’s details are verified; he becomes an eDady ambassador. An ambassador has a number of long term privileges as compared to customer and can earn compensation from eDady in the wake of his or her efforts

Becoming an Ambassador

eDady is a global enterprise and its benefit can be taken regardless of geographical boundaries.
No matter where you are and what you do, you can take advantages of the fabulous services and products of eDady.


Start Earning


Let’s make some money

Now that you are an ambassador, you have an amazing opportunity to earn from eDady by generating sales volume. eDady ambassadors earn commission by generating sales volume and the commission is dependent on the amount with which you made a purchase at eDady. The higher the amount of your purchase, the more commission you make. eDady has classified the purchase amount into classes so each purchase class has a distinct quality that the other does not. Ambassadors can controls all their activities from the business platform given to them from signing up new ambassadors to increase the sales volume to communicate and transfer funds etc.

Commission in eDady is dependent on the sales volume corresponding to the ambassador’s compensation plan. The moment both sides of the ambassador’s referral tree hit that volume, the ambassador gets entitled for the commission. And the great part is, commission is given to the ambassador every time both of his referral side touches the required sales volume. In comparison to other network marketing based fiascos, it’s double the commission without the bondage of herding sets of individuals under both wings of your virtual tree.

Last but not the least; eDady’s fabulous rewarding system is something that will keep you motivated and going for a long time in the form of Fast Reward Bucks (FRB), direct sales bonus presenters reward flush out bonus etc. And when you are done taking advantage of all these; there is always a promotion on promising mind blowing rewards for your additional efforts.



Get more, get upgraded

The flexibility of eDady’s amazing system allows ambassadors to upgrade their purchase class any time they want. if an ambassador wants to earn more compensation, he can upgrade his purchase class by simply making another purchase from eDady store and the amount will be automatically adjusted in his previous purchase amount hence upgrading his purchase class. Don’t want to upgrade and just to enjoy more eDady products? Not a problem. The customized upgrades option is a way for any ambassador  to upgrade his existing compensation plan with an amount of his choice regardless of the product he purchases.



More Shopping
& Upgrades




Growth & business management


Time to expand your team and become skilled at business

Since becoming an ambassador entails you earn compensation by increasing the sales volume, you are required to refer eDady to new customers. Once they become eDady ambassadors based on your referral, your sales volume increase allowing you to earn commission once it reaches a certain point. The bigger your team is, the more commission you earn. eDady’s business platform and a highly active response team is always there to help you out in growing your team and managing your business. Our website provides excellent marketing tools for you to fully understand eDady and make it more attractive for your potential team members. Where you find yourself stuck, the 24/7 active response team is immediately there for your assistance.